We’ve always been about utilizing the most unique and effective natural ingredients from around the world and sourcing them in a responsible way. To celebrate Earth Day here are 8 Simple Ways You Can Help Mother Earth:

  • Recycle and re-purpose product containers by finding creative ways to reuse product packaging.
  • Clean up your beauty cabinet and switch to natural products. You’ll reduce the demand for synthetics, conventional products may have harmful side effects and toxicity dangers.
  • Avoid products that use mineral oil and petrolatum, made from petroleum. This will increase the demand for sustainable sourcing ingredients.
  • Purchase cruelty-free products and refuse to support animal testing.
  • Use exfoliants that are safe for our oceans, lakes, rivers and streams and do not contain microbeads.
  • Turn off taps. Leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth is wasteful and not eco-friendly.
  • Shower with less. It's easy to linger in the shower in the morning, take shorter showers.