A lifelong migraine sufferer, Emilie Davidson Hoyt learned at an early age how natural ingredients can positively affect the body and mind.

Beginning in her early childhood, Emilie suffered from migraine headaches so severe that she would temporarily lose her ability to speak and see. In fact, one high school teacher remarked that because of the attacks, she would never succeed in college or any kind of advanced job.

Doctors were unable to effectively prevent or ease Emilie’s migraines, but it was a lavender soap gift from her father that inspired Emilie to explore natural healing products and to use her personal experience to help others.

In 1997, Emilie defied the dire prediction of her high school teacher and graduated from Pepperdine University. She then spent two years in the fast-paced world of public relations, but retained her passion for aromatherapy and fostered a growing interest in skin care. Before long, interest turned into action, and Emilie started LATHER as a small line of pure olive oil-based soaps. The soaps quickly gained a cult following, and the company soon grew from a two-person operation into a full-fledged business offering products for the body, face, hair, and home. Emilie opened the first LATHER store in Pasadena in 1999; today, other stores in Atlanta, GA, Fairfax, VA and Scottsdale, AZ. Beauty boutiques, spas, and hotels also carry LATHER, helping to share Emilie’s vision worldwide.

“LATHER really means everything to me,” says Emilie. I have found an outlet to follow a deep passion, and I find that this is what really drives me – to have a company and products that really do make a difference.”

Emilie currently lives in Pasadena, California with her husband, Rob, and children, Ellie and Lewis

"Scent is tied more closely to memory than any of our other senses..."

It has an incredible power to affect our moods and well-being. I look for essential oils and plant-based ingredients not only because of the effective properties that they provide the skin and hair, but for the aromatherapeutic benefits they provide to people, as well.​